Adrienne's Blog

Life is like a path that we travel where we don't really know where we are going or where we come from. Sometimes it seems we have been put here without a road map. How do we find our way? Why do things happen the way they do for us?

At times there is a break in the clouds--we can look at things with a bird's eye view and realize why everything in our life has happened and led up to this moment in time.

But most of the time, we walk forward, only being able to see what is right in front of us. If that is tragedy or misfortune, it is the only thing that seems to exist in our world.

Taking the fork in the road that is a healing path begins to awaken us to our true potential. As we stop to really look at ourselves, things come to the surface which we may or may not want to look at, but there they are.

At these points it is increasingly valuable to have a partner in healing. That is the role of the practitioner. It is your journey and your path alone, but perhaps we can walk together for a while. We can share our experiences and learn from each other.

For one cannot heal without being healed, just like one can not truly teach without being willing to learn.

Homeopathy is a powerful tool to allow the body, mind and spirit to move swiftly and efficiently through life's lessons, bringing us through our 'stuck' places, to the other side of clarity.

Hereditary and unhealthy patterns weigh on us and cloud our way of seeing the world. Removal of these burdens with healing leaves one free to "pursue the lofty goals of human existence", in the words of Hahnemann.

To me this means, free to pursue our dreams, free to find joy in life, free to really appreciate this present moment, in this body, in this lifetime.

Life is precious and the gift of healing brings back true meaning to our lives, which for most of us have seemed, at times, void and broken.