Adrienne's Blog

Adrienne Elise practices Classical Homeopathy in Missoula, Montana. She completed her Classical Homeopathic training through the School of Homeopathy, Devon, England, a four-year internationally accredited program. For the past ten years, Adrienne has grown an intense reverence and respect for the potential of homeopathic medicines, beginning with in-depth home study before entering the School of Homeopathy.

Adrienne gathers knowledge from many life experiences and occupations. Before becomming a homeopath, Adrienne was an artist. She hand paints on silk fabric, working to capture the gentle essence of plants and flowers. She continues to include the arts in her daily life in the form of drawing and painting, as well as singing, playing guitar and writing songs.


Adrienne is also a Waldorf Trained Teacher. She completed her training at the Eugene Waldorf School in Eugene, Oregon in 1995. She continually draws inspiration from and enjoys contemplating the works of philosopher Rudolf Steiner and other spiritual teachers.

Adrienne has completed CranioSacral I and II with the Upledger Institute. She has also completed over four years of study with MT Center for Psychic Studies and Intuitive Way of Walnut Creek, CA, both based on the BPI(Berkeley Psychic Institute) model.

With all of her work, Adrienne strives to be present and in-tune to the forces that affect us, but that we do not see. Drawing on intuition and the benefits of a meditative life, Adrienne’s passion is to continually grow spiritually while hoping to facilitate others in their own experience.
She believes that life is a gift and desires to share that inspiration
with others in finding and following their own path to health.