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Homeopathic Medicines are made from plant, animal, and mineral sources. Substances are ground down and pulverized and then made into an alcohol extraction, or tincture. This is what homeopaths call the 'mother tincture'. This tincture is then diluted according to the specifications of the desired potency.

'X' potency = 1 drop of mother tincture to 9 drops of water

'C' potency = 1 drop of mother tincture to 99 drops of water

'LM' potency = 1 drop of mother tincture to 50,000 drops of water

Each time a remedy is diluted it is succussed, or shaken vigorously.

One drop of mother tincture in 99 drops of water makes a '1C' potency. The next potency ('2C') would be made by taking one drop of the 1C potency and mixing it with 99 drops of water, and then succussing.

The number in front of the potency indicates how many times a remedy has been diluted and succussed. For example, a 6C has been diluted and succussed six times. This method is continued to create the higher potencies. The higher the potency, the less of the original substance.

Homeopathy sees increasing potency as less of the material parts of the substance and more of the vibration, or essence of the substance.