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Why Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is an economical, safe, and time-proven healing method. The action of homeopathy stimulates the body to heal itself in the most natural and efficient way. Homeopathy has the ability to produce gentle and effective cure.

Conventional medicine seeks only to treat the outward symptoms of disease. This view of medicine sees the body as existing in separate, non-related parts. But in health as well as in sickness, our whole body is connected. Treating each symptom as a separate issue is working against nature and only results in creating more problems.

Modern treatments do not remove symptoms, but only 'hide' them while actually suppressing, or pushing them deeper into the body. These symptoms often return to a different or more dangerous location. This suppression only serves to lower the overall level of health. More serious conditions can appear as an effect of the treatment. Also, conventional prescriptions offen produce dangerous side effects. The conventional answer to this is to prescribe more medications, adding to the negative overall effect on the patient's health.

Homeopathy, on the other hand, seeks to meet the whole being to stimulate the vital force and immune system to heal from the inside out.Thus, the whole person, mind, body and spirit is brought to a greater level of health through the use of homeopathy.

Classical Homeopaths take the time to take a patient's full case and history.  A remedy is chosen which, in small doses, would create a similar symptom picture in a healthy person.

This is what homeopathy calls 'like cures like.' By matching the energy pattern of the patient with a substance from nature, the remedy sends a powerful message to the vital force and immune system:

"Body Heal Thyself"