Understanding Cancer

March 27, 2012 freedomhomeopathy Cancer

Cancer is made up of ‘cells that do not stay within normal controls’. These cells are delinquent in that they do not follow the regular rules. We all have at least a small amount of these errant cells. The question is, why would they have an opportunity to proliferate?

Normal human body cells collaborate with neighboring cells to make sure that body tissues become the right size and shape for the body’s needs. Decades before a cancer tumor is formed or detected, one rogue cell starts to reproduce abnormally. This is a result of an accumulation of mutations in a certain class of genes within the cell.

Cancer cells do not respond to controls for size and growth. They also have an ability which normal cells do not possess, to migrate from their site of origin to form masses of similar cells in other parts of the body. This is called metastasis. For a cell to be successful at migrating, they must detach from their host tissue or organ and enter a blood or lymphatic vessel. Then they must travel to distant sites and develop a new colony.

There are many controls that these cells must overcome to attain metastasis. Normal cells have cell-to-cell adhesive molecules that keep them in place. Cancer cells seem to be missing or have damaged adhesion cells. Normal cells will quickly die off if they are not held in an insoluble meshwork of protein that fills the space between the cells. Somehow cancers cells are ‘anchorage independent’, which means they can survive without being connected to this matrix. The first place that blood goes from a certain organ is to the lungs. The lungs are therefore the most common site of metastasis and lung cancer has become the greatest killer.

As these cells grow, they become more and more aggressive, with an unwavering determination to disrupt normal body function. Early growth of cancer cells goes largely undetected. The condition is evident only when the area grows big enough to cause symptoms. This is a key behavior of cancer: To grow bigger in order to be seen.

It is as if these cells had been offended in some way and are determined to express their frustration by becoming independent and rebellious. They don’t heed growth controls and refuse to be held down by the necessary nurturing of the extra-cellular matrix. They are reckless, and push to grow in all directions, traveling unseen to distant regions to invade and occupy. They are the rebel resistance, who against all odds survive and flourish.

The way cancer cells push in all directions to increase their space represents our own quest for self-expression. The cells behave like the soul wishes it could. Cancer cells overcome all obstacles to self-expression. They are wild, and will not conform to any of the levels of control that the body provides to keep them in check. Cancer can be seen as an inward manifestation of outwardly unexpressed soul desires. If a person is unable to actualize their truth and their dreams, unable to stand up for themselves, to live a life for themselves, the cancer cells take over the task.

Sometimes the suppression of individuality can come from an oppressive life. Often there is a history of a lot of demands and responsibility on a person. Perhaps it is a family situation in which healthy expression is discouraged. In each situation, there are outward controls on who a person can be and what they can do. Cancer represents living a life according to others. Personal desires and longings move inward. A cancer tumor is unlived energy.

To some extent, we have all hidden who we are, and have put those dreams and drive on hold because someone said to. We have allowed someone else to dictate what it is we should be. Our authentic self lies dormant and hidden. Cancer represents the tension that comes from living someone else’s truth. Cancer is yourself unexpressed.

Healing cancer means becoming sensitive to our own individual needs, priorities and pleasures. We need to give our self permission to respect and give expression to our own true nature. We all have something to say about ourselves in how we live our lives. We must live our own truth.


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