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March 27, 2012 freedomhomeopathy Cancer

Cancer is one of the biggest killers. Often cancer shows little symptoms until the condition is an imminent threat. A person diagnosed with cancer feels fear and dis-empowerment. “How could this happen to me?”

But cancer is not an attack from outside, it is a development within.

The first thing that holistic treatment needs to address is beliefs: “It is not happening to me it is happening within me.” This concept puts the control back into the hands of the patient. “I am an empowered individual given this opportunity to walk a path to health.” It is important for the patient to understand how cancer versus normal cells operate and what we know about some of the causes of cancer. Information is power and empowerment is key.

Because stress is a leading cause of the development of cancer. An attempt must be made to remove all stress from the life of a cancer patient. Stress has been shown as a large factor in the reckless growth of cancer cells. But what is more stressful than learning that you have cancer?

The next step in holistic treatment is learning relaxation and visualization techniques. A cancer patient must come to understand the power of thought and emotions in creating the reality of health and disease. Because of the overwhelming fear that comes with diagnosis, the mind has a lot of negativity to overcome. With relaxation and meditation techniques, the thoughts and feelings, “I am sick, I am going to die” can change to: “I am empowered, I have a strong immune system, I am healing, I will survive.” This patient has a much better chance of returning to health. We create our own reality and one should never underestimate the power of the mind.

First empower the person, then to the immune system. Cancer cells, or any diseased area in the body can be seen as ‘stagnant‘, blocked energy, like an eddy in a river where the water does not flow. Homeopathy and other holistic treatments like Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine seek to return the flow of energy to these places. This is the empowered immune system allowed to do it’s work.

Homeopathy seeks to remove the hereditary or miasmatic taints that caused the person to become susceptible to cancer in the first place. In this light, homeopathy is essential to any holistic cancer treatment plan. Nutrition is also important to give the body the best building blocks to work with. Counseling can also help the empowered individual face the emotional changes along the path to health. A live-in treatment facility/spa offering these treatment options in a relaxed environment with warm, organic meals would be a great way to obtain positive results.

A cancer patient who chooses to treat themselves holistically and recovers, will be much healthier than before they began. By addressing the true needs of the body, mind and spirit through homeopathy, true cure could be on the horizon. ‘Cure’ in homeopathy is not just the removal of cancer, but the removal of deep underlying causes, predispositions which cause susceptibility to disease.

Samuel Hahnemann defines health as such: “In the state of health the spirit-like vital force (dynamis) animating the material human organism reigns in supreme sovereignty. It maintains the sensations and activities of all the parts of the living organism in a harmony that obliges wonderment. The reasoning spirit who inhabits the organism can thus freely use this healthy living instrument to reach the lofty goal of human existence” (Organon #9 p. 14). In other words, with a state of true health the soul and spirit of a person are free to seek a fulfilling life. A lofty goal of which we are all on the path.





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