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March 27, 2012 freedomhomeopathy Cancer

Cancer cells represent the condition of cancer. But does removing them improve health? Really, the manifestation of cancer cells is a result of a long process. Cancer cells are a symptom of a deeper disturbance, but not the cause. Removing them does not fight cancer.

But conventional medicine insists on lumping the symptom and the cause and a war is waged against the body with cancer. And it is battle with full artillery.

A patient with a malignant tumor is often rushed into surgery. Conventional medicine sees the spread of cancer as only a matter of time. They seek to quickly rid the body of these ‘bad guy’ cells. But surgery is dangerous for the body, does not get rid of the cause of the condition, and is in fact suppressive. Samuel Hahnemann in his Organon of Medicine paragraph 202 states:

“If the physician of the old school destroys the local symptom by some external means, thinking thereby to heal the entire disease, nature compensates for this by awakening the internal malady….it increases the internal disease.”

In no area is this ‘war’ against cancer cells more evident than in radiation and chemotherapy. Radiation treatment is given to localized cells near the tumor. Treatment is from three to six weeks and causes malaise, fatigue, nausea, anorexia and vomiting. These effects indicate the poor state of the immune system after this treatment. It damages both normal and malignant cells.

Chemotherapy uses toxic chemicals to fight cancer cells. It was originally derived from mustard gas which is used for chemical warfare. Let the battle begin. Chemotherapy is used routinely in about 50% of people with cancer although it has been found that it is only of use in about 5% of cases. As quoted by Dr. Stephen Gascoigne. He explains further:

“Chemotherapy cannot possibly kill all cancer cells since it kills normal cells at the same time. To kill all cancer cells by such a method would require the death of all cells. Hence it is left to the immune system to remove any remaining cancerous cells. Unfortunately, the immune system is particularly damaged by chemotherapy and so less likely to be able to help.”

Because it is toxic to normal and malignant cells alike, chemotherapy causes excessive systemic damage such as mouth ulcers, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and hair loss. The blood is affected, causing anaemia. There can also be psychological and intellectual impairment and reduced fertility.

Chemotherapy is carcinogenic, or cancer causing. Someday I hope we will look back on this damaging, caustic therapy in the way that today we look back with bewilderment at the treatments like blood-letting of past doctors. ‘Remember when they used to poison people to try to heal them? That was crazy!’

Cancer patients are lured by fear into these disastrous treatments. It seems a metaphor for our world situation, and how our country has chosen to deal with terrorists. The fear has been heightened and used as a tool to allow our government to commit heinous acts of violence, not to mention violate our constitution. The terrorists will blow themselves up for their beliefs. They do not fit in to the norm and are delinquent, just like cancer cells. There is no controlling them. Our solution is continued violent aggression in attempt to control them. But what we have created a disastrous situation that has become a breeding ground for more terrorism. This is like the body found with cancer cells that has been put under anesthesia, cut up, radiated and poisoned. It is now a breeding ground for disease, and most likely more cancer cells.

Conventional medicine does not see any other possibilities in removing these cells except by all out war. Once malignant cells are present, it is believed that they can only be healed by removing them surgically or killing them with radiation or poison. A person who has gotten rid of cancer cells through surgery, radiation and chemotherapy is said to be ‘cured’ through the eyes of conventional medicine. But in Hahnemann’s words, “a single symptom is no more the whole disease than a single foot a whole man” (Organon #7 p. 13).

Often the cancer returns later in the same location. We have been led to believe that this is just the nature of the disease that is cancer. In reality, it is the treatments that are suppressive and do not truly cure because they make no attempt to remove the original cause of disease. They have in no way addressed the person’s susceptibility to the cancer: The reason that they got cancer in the first place.

Going in to bomb and attack the terrorists has back-fired and created an unhealthy situation for all in the area, much like the state of a body after chemotherapy and radiation. How would the situation be different if, instead of meeting violence with violence, we focused on creating a healthy environment where the positive could thrive? What if, after the terrorist attacks, instead of war and strife, we went into the area to truly rebuild, to offer basic services like clean water, education, electricity and safe streets? The people would have lost their tolerance for terrorism. A healthy society would have an opportunity to grow.

The diagnosis of cancer can be an opportunity for health; a wake up call for the body and mind. Imagine how disempowered the people of war torn areas must feel. They have no control over events and can’t even safely run their lives, much less organize and plan a healthy society. Healthy cells in the cancer patient must also feel this way. They are under attack, just when they are so sorely needed to be doing their best to preserve health. Holistic treatment for cancer puts the immune system first, allowing it to flourish and grow. Empowered cells support health in the way that only they know best. And that is a formidable enemy for cancer: An empowered, healthy, and supported immune system.


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