2012: A Healing Revolution

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“There has never been a year in your life, nor will there ever be, like the one we are approaching.” Eric Francis, Astrologer (planetwaves.net)

2012 is a year ripe with change. How do we know? Is it because the Mayans noticed it as an end of an astrological cycle? Is it because doomsday theorists are always looking for a new hype? Is it because it is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius?

On June 5th 2012, the earth and the sun and Venus will be precisely aligned. Venus will be able to be seen crossing over the sun as a visible black dot. These exact conjunctions come in pairs separated by 8 years, the last one happening in 1984. The next time this happens won’t be until 2117. Not much is known about the effect of this astrological event, but the Venus transit of November 1630 was followed by a plague of disease that wiped out 16,000 Venetians.

In late June 2012, planets Uranus and Pluto form an exact 90 degree square angle. Uranus and Pluto are outer, slow moving planets, and aspects between them are rare and long-lasting. We are already feeling the effects of this aspect and we will continue to feel it through 2015. A conjunction of these planets happened in the mid-1960′s and was said to have spurred the hippie, love, anti-war, revolutionary change that happened during that era. Astrologers, in fact, call aspects, or angular relationships, between these two planets ‘revolutionary’. They mark a time where things that seemed they could never change, do change, and faster than imaginable.

These two astrological events of 2012 speak of ‘health’ and ‘revolution’. 2012 marks an opportunity for a ‘healing revolution.’ It reminds me, metaphorically of a homeopathic ‘healing crisis’. In homeopathic treatment, movement towards health is stimulated by a correctly chosen homeopathic remedy. Sometimes for a short time after a remedy, symptoms can intensify before they improve. Sometimes symptoms from the past can re-appear before harmonizing into health.

I tell my homeopathic clients this: The key to a homeopathic ‘aggravation’ or ‘healing crisis’ is movement. You may be feeling strong symptoms, but with the vitality of the remedy behind you, the symptoms are sure to quickly change, moving you right through it, taking you to the next place. It could look like a couple hours of feeling down and an opportunity for emotional release, or maybe the returning pain of an old injury that is now having the opportunity to heal in the right way. Whatever it is, it is in movement. It is in flux, it is change, it is healing. What you are feeling in the moment won’t last long. You are not getting sicker, you are in fact getting healthier!

We are living in a time of crisis. It is everywhere and hard to deny. People are feeling squeezed, financially, politically, and spiritually. This is right in alignment with the rare astrological events of 2012. It is a very important year for all of us. Eric Francis, Astrologer (planetwaves.net), describes it “like nothing we have ever experienced.” But the question is…Is it a healing ‘crisis’, or is it a healing ‘opportunity’? That all depends on how you decide you would like it to be. For those of us that are lucky enough to continue through life unaffected, blinders securely fashioned that hide the reality of the chaos, confusion and crisis around us, the choice may be to do nothing. But most of us more aware beings will not have a choice in whether or not to take notice. The conscious landscape around us is vastly changing as our physical hereditary body structure as well as the social and political structures of the past are shaken to their core.

The 2012 astrology like getting a dose of a high potency homeopathic remedy. And it might feel like things are getting worse, but they are actually trying to release, heal, and express, so that things can get better. We are moving and changing. It is a dynamic time. That is the key to sanity in 2012. Don’t get attached to where you are in the process, because the process itself, is essentially about change. It is like the saying in Montana, ‘If you don’t like the weather, just wait five minutes and it will be different’. Our lives will be full of movement in this time of rapid transformation, IF you can let it happen. Don’t get attached to where you are now. You are in process, you are changing. Let the old fall away and welcome the new, more healthy picture. Find the tools and support and creative projects that can help you to stay grounded and harmonized through the changes.

Most of us are sentimentally attached to our various sicknesses, whether they be expressed through symptoms in the physical body or mental/emotional sphere. We are so used to them, they start to define us. How else would you describe the common phenomenon of modern diagnosis of mental illness: “I am bi-polar.” It’s not that you simply have a disease, you are that disease, at least in the programmed belief system of western medicine. ‘I am _name your disease_’ is a statement that, on the one hand, defines a person, and on the other hand, indicates that it is a condition that is not expected to change anytime soon, if ever.

Our attachment to our illnesses, physical and mental, make it seem like they will never change. And in fact the western medical system is very invested in us continuing to believe such rubbish. They are holding hands with the pharmaceutical industry that wants to keep us believing that we need to be on those drugs now, and for the rest of our life. But with the 2012 healing revolution…change is here. And even the dis-ease that defines us, that we have been programmed to think can never change, will begin to change, whether we like it or not.

So what can you do? Are you on the train or off the train? One of the fundamental issues that will come to light is the simple definition of ‘health’. When we say the word, it conjures images of not having to go to the doctor, not having to be in pain. But in essence, health is so much more. It is something that very few of us can even comprehend. Health is more than the physical body. As long as we try to isolate medicine and healing into parts, we will have no true healing. The health care you seek needs to recognize that the body and spirit and mind are all interrelated and that it’s the whole of you that needs to be addressed. Classical Homeopathy is one modality that successfully takes into account the ‘whole person’ in healing.

Is it a psychic or energetic situation that ails you? You may be aided by seeking intuitive support, astrological counseling, or something of the sort. 2012 marks the shift into the Age of Aquarius, and Aquarius is about the collective and the individual. We are growing more and more aware that we are one of many living on a planet. It is harder and harder to ignore what goes on in the rest of the world. And in our own individual lives, psychic awareness is growing. How much of what you feel is really your own feelings? Just like it is getting more difficult with internet technology to ignore the rest of the world, it is also getting harder and harder to separate our emotional and energetic field from those around us. This may call for training and guidance in intuition, meditation, or psychic health.

2012 is marking a period of accelerated change, just like the body after a well indicated high potency homeopathic remedy. It is up to us to decide how to make the most of it. But the spectator part of the game is near over. Very few of us will be able to maintain our comforting attachment to illness and dis-ease. Our world is getting shaken up. The good news is that the physical, emotional and spiritual healing done by individuals in their own life will positively affect the rest of the world, like an infinitesimal homeopathic dose. Personal healing is global healing because of the increasing interconnectedness spurred by the growing collective consciousness in our new Age of Aquarius. It is time to transform this era of personal and global ‘healing crisis’ into personal and global ‘healing opportunity’. 2012 sounds like the perfect time for A Healing Revolution.

Adrienne Elise, founder of the Intuitive Empowerment Institute is a Waldorf Trained Teacher, Classical Homeopath, and Intuitive Reader, having completed over four years of training based on the BPI(Berkeley Psychic Institute) model with MT Center for Psychic Studies and Intuitive Way of Walnut Creek CA. Adrienne completed her Waldorf training at the Eugene Waldorf Teacher Training in 1995. She is certified with an Advanced Practitioner Diploma from the School of Homeopathy, Devon, UK, an internationally accredited four year program. Adrienne has a private practice in Missoula, Montana: ‘Freedom Homeopathy’ (freedomhomeopathy.com), also the home of the Intuitive Empowerment Institute (intuitiveempowerment.com). Adrienne Elise is a singer/songwriter. You can check out her music at adrienneelise.com.

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