The Cancer Miasm

March 27, 2012 freedomhomeopathy Cancer

A ‘miasm’, or taint, in homeopathy is a hereditary predisposition to disease. Many people, especially if there is a family history of cancer, identify with the cancer miasm. There are some common themes seen in people who display a strong cancer miasm.


Often they are active care-givers. They usually put other people’s needs in front of their own. They are sympathetic to people and animals. This gives them a strong sense of duty. And with that also comes undeserved feelings of guilt. There can also be great anxiety about others.


Often this can manifest in perfectionism. Growing up in a demanding environment can lead to feelings that what they do is never good enough. They try to be perfect in everything. This can lead to an accompanying sensitivity to criticism. Constant striving to ’do it right’ leaves them vulnerable to the opinions of others. Children with this miasm simply fall apart if they are reprimanded. They become restless and can have destructive outbursts.


Sometimes the idea that the person with the cancer miasm is judged and oppressed lives only in the mind. Often the big duty and expectations they feel are put on themselves only by themselves. It is imagined that others expect them to be perfect and be responsible and take care of everything.

The cancer miasm seeks to be in control, to not let anything go wrong; to keep everyone from harm. Preventing catastrophe. But all of the planning in the world cannot stop the ’big plan’, whatever that may be.


At the core, the feeling is– ‘I need to be bigger than what I am. It is up to me. I have a big responsibility to make everything ok.’ But if this were really true, it would almost be like trying to take over the work of God, Spirit, Energy, Creation (whatever you want to call it). Cancer seems to represent a lapse in faith. As well as a belief that we must take faith’s place.

It is really kind of egotistical of us humans to think it is really all up to us. But what we need to hear is, ‘relax, it is not all up to you, it is not your fault, you can let your guard down, the world will not fall apart if you relax and go off duty’

Which further begs the question–what is our true duty? It is noble to live a life for others and may feel like our calling. But in actuality, nothing can be done to benefit other humans or the planet without first listening to our own truth.

Living our own truth. Relaxing into ourselves. It is then that we are most effective–when we are following our own guide. Your duty, then, is ultimately only to you. If you take care of that first, everything else will come along effortlessly.


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